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Jonathan Sharp I first met Mike when needing to upgrade my company website about 12 years ago. I'd already spent a fortune on abortive attempts with other companies but for a fraction of the cost he produced and then subsequently managed our website and provided a friendly, super efficient service. Emails get responded to almost immediately and actions are completed with the minimum of fuss and delay.
Jonathan Sharp
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Dave Woods During the course of my career in marketing, I've worked with many coders. Most, frankly, I can't even remember the names of. But every now and again you are fortunate enough to bump into a coder with, well ...
a human interface...
That's what you get with Mike and Seren Web - real understanding of the true needs of a functioning website. No spoon feeding necessary. Just explain the thinking behind what you want your site to achieve, hand over your assets and give Mike the opportunity to make sure you're not missing any easy wins. Then ... Hey Pixelo! ... he'll create the answer to your needs. He's quick, too - but not at the expense of quality and depth. Need a website to really work for you? You really need Mike at Seren.

Dave Woods, Group Creative Director, JWT LONDON, UK
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The Rocking Horse Works Mike Slater offers a super service; creative, friendly, talented, constant and trustworthy, he is efficient, effective and quick to the point. He offers a very personal service, rescuing and creating websites, solving dilemmas, coming up with solutions as if by magic. All backed up with an ongoing reliable and trustable service. I have every confidence in him. He has delivered what I wanted and more, beyond my expectations! I would thoroughly recommend you contact Mike to create for you an outstanding and wonderful website.
Alison Smith, The Rocking Horse Works
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Land4Homes Mike provided us with a cost effective solution, the website really did the trick and got us great levels of exposure.
Ian, Land4Homes, Manchester UK
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Polly Lovegrove I can't believe how quickly the website has appeared, as if by magic, without any hassle at all. Mike has been a swift communicator, just the way I Iike it. I'm so pleased with the finished result, it looks great. I've now got my own website "just like that!"
Polly Lovegrove, mid Wales
Powered by Seren Web since 2013



Budapest Property Rentals Commissioning Mike and Seren Web to build our new website was straightforward process with clear pricing and timelines given from the outset and no surprises or add ons. Mike's skills in his sector are superb and constantly growing and developing, an essential with all businesses but especially in communications and technology.

Mike delivered what we wanted on time and on budget and the site has since surpassed our expectations in terms of its reach and functionality. Our business marketing is web dependant and using Mike's services has already resulted in a 50% increase in business within 6 months of launching the new site. It has also given us a new level of confidence and ability in segregating and targeting our markets, something we were unable to do with our old site.

What we cannot stress enough is that this success is based on the relationship we have with Mike and the qualities he has both in business and on a personal level. An excellent business partner who we hope to work with for many years to come.
Gordon, Budapest Property Rentals, Hungary
Powered by Seren Web since 2012


Forensic Linguistics Institute I have been using Mike's services for over 19 years. Think about it. Nineteen years. There can only be one reason: it is simply the most efficient service available. What does efficient mean? It gets the job done: high rankings, good traffic flow, useful inquiries, friendly interface, and all at a reasonable cost. And no blarney. Now how rare is that in today's world? I would recommend Seren Web to anyone.
John Olsson, The FLI
Powered by Seren Web since 2002



Eddy Gartry Blues State UK can't recommend Seren Web enough. They're helpful, well informed, fast, efficient, trustworthy and very good value. Never before have we had such good service from a web-master and we've been an on-line business for very long time. We must update and refresh our site constantly and nothing deters Seren Web from helping us quickly and courteously. They're imaginative, artful and always ready to try something new.

Others can be slow and very expensive. Take it from us; it's pointless looking any further for website service! Seren Web have the business nailed! They deserve all the praise they get and jolly good luck to them! Long may the Seren Web/Blues State UK relationship flourish!
Eddy Gartry, Blues State UK
Powered by Seren Web since 2009



Weimaraner Gifts Very helpful and extremely patient when helping us mere mortals to understand computer terms and lingo. The service provided is perfect. Wouldn't change a thing. Nothing has been too much trouble, very flexible and willing to listen to our ideas and give helpful tips and advice along the way.
Liz, Weimaraner Gifts, Solihull UK
Powered by Seren Web since 2005



STS North Wales

Finding Mike at Seren Web was probably one of our best business moves this century! Outstanding knowledge and service combined with our very specialised products have culminated in three superb web sites. Having dealt with many web designers over the years I know now that we could have saved a fortune, if only we had found Seren Web first.

All sites are now at least in the top 5 on Google, all have stunning design and great functionality. Our three sites are all increasing in revenue. Behind the scenes, all the work that Seren Web does is stable and 100% reliable, updates are carried out immediately. I am not sure what more we could ask for? An all round great company with a great attitude and service.
Aaron, STS North Wales
Powered by Seren Web since 2006



Paul, PG Photography

I have had my website since 2003 and in that time I have made lots of changes in the layout of the site. Thanks to Mike and his patience, helping me create a presentable and appealing website that is helping my business grow and be successful.

I have recommended Seren Web on several occasions and I will continue to do so. Seren Web offers a good professional service to all business, for good value and competitive prices.
Paul, PG Photography
Powered by Seren Web since 2003


Slug Diary

Mike made the process of designing the website very easy and painless - there was no technical jargon to dazzle and confuse me. My ideas were taken on board and given a professional finish, complete with a touch of humour which captures the essence of the book being sold on the site. As the design developed, Mike was happy to make alterations and to add details which I hadn't thought of during the planning stage. His response to my queries was always very swift. I have been delighted by the result.
Jane, Diary of a Slug Hunter
Powered by Seren Web since 2008



Murleigh Retail

Seren Web designed and runs our website and were readily able to comprehend where we thought we differed in a crowded market place. The web site looks distinctive but not full of gimmicks and I have always received positive comments.
Angus, Murleigh Retail Estates, London UK
Powered by Seren Web since 2007




Many thanks for your service over the last few years. We always find your services to be professional and very prompt.
Sandra and William, Brookfields
Powered by Seren Web since 2003



L.L.A.N.I. Ltd first worked with Seren Web in 2002 when developing the Llanidloes town website. The ease with which the site came together and the continued excellent support and assistance in maintaining the site since that time, has completely justified our decision to award the contract for to Seren Web.

Our town website consistently scores highly across a large range of searches on Google. Not only does it get to the top of the page, but it does so over a great number of search terms. Seren Web has certainly cracked the art of achieving high search engine ranking, boosting the presence of and making it the single most effective marketing tool for our area.
Nick, L.L.A.N.I. Ltd, Llanidloes Wales
Powered by Seren Web since 2002



Wye View

We get a lot of people looking at our website and booking the cottages because the website is so informative and the photos are great.

Mike is a good laugh and easy to get along with, just ply him with red wine now and again and he will do anything.
Gail, Wye View, Llangurig Wales
Powered by Seren Web since 2004 [business sold to new owners 2014]



Purley College

We are really pleased with the service Seren Web offers. Mike is incredibly fast at making updates/changes to our website and has succeeded in getting us on the top page on Google (we were around page 25 before). This has had a positive effect on our revenues. We are extremely happy we chose to work with Seren Web and would recommend them to anyone who needs a fast, intelligent service with a personal touch. Keep up the good work, Mike!
Jan, Purley College, London UK
Powered by Seren Web since 2007


Oak Cleaning

Mike Slater has just completed a web site for me and has done so to my entire satisfaction. I found him professional, helpful and patient. I would have pleasure in recomending him to any prospective clients.
John, Oak Cleaning UK
Powered by Seren Web since 2007



Bevian Craft 3D Framing

We would like thank you for designing our website. We were looking for a bespoke e-commerce site that could build picture frames online around customers own art work. This you have done with speed and great technical skill. We now have a website which has been custom built to our specification and well beyond, with your help and guidance. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a website that stands out, which also, as a bonus, has a very high search engine ranking - always in the top 10/15.
Ian and Bev, 3dframing, Wales
Powered by Seren Web since 2007



Caroline Sara

I absolutely love the site you have created for me. Many thanks for your time and effort.
Caroline, Caroline Sara
Powered by Seren Web since 2010



Powys Safety

Seren Web has been hosting our web site almost since the company's inception.

The clever design, coupled with excellent positioning with the search engines showed benefits from the start. Now 90% of our work comes via the internet, so the continued support from Seren Web is important in keeping us at the top of the searches.

The instant access to Seren Web offices, and fast response to change are an important aspect for us here, putting warnings and information on line when they're needed - NOW!

Dealing in Health & Safety isn't the easiest of fields, but the web services of Seren Web make it easy for clients to find what they're looking for in the Powys Safety Solutions site.

Well recommended.
Keith Foster
Powys Safety Solutions

Powered by Seren Web since 2009



North Powys Youth Music

North Powys Youth Music Trust has been so impressed at how Seren Web created a website that really works for us. We recently updated the site adding lots of new features and nothing was ever too much trouble - even when we asked for minute changes and then changed them back again! Their speed of response is particularly impressive and queries and changes are, without fail, dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Julie Turner, North Powys Youth Music Trust
Powered by Seren Web since 2006



Netcover Direct

Apart from exemplary, the one word that sums up Mike Slater's design, coding and database work with the website is pro-active. Once Mike gained a thorough understanding of the workings of our online-only travel insurance business, he not only streamlined the client-facing side of the business but also automated most of our upstream weekly reporting to Underwriters and the FSA - and created a secure online control center with a set of bespoke tools which help us understand our customer base better and thereby serve them better. And if that isn't enough, we are now working on a new, innovative customer tool for launch soon. Keep watching the art71 space - we do.
Mark, NetCoverDirect
Powered by Seren Web since 2005



Jason Hicklin

He's a genius !
Jason, artist, London & Ellesmere
Powered by Seren Web since 2005



James Parsons I consulted Mike Slater (Seren Web), whose gifts had been commended by another local arts concern. Immediately I sensed in Mike one whose enlightened outlook was truly cosmopolitan and whose technical skills seemed effortlessly agile - an artist in his own sphere who chose to listen, never impose, and generally to seek consultation face to face, right here in my local rural community.
I'm delighted that the whole process has proved so straightforward and that now my own niche on the world-wide-web bears my fingerprint. I welcome every extension of my online outreach that Mike Slater frequently proposes, then executes effortlessly and rapidly. Indeed I've found a proactive colleague, not a contractor!

James Parsons, organist
Powered by Seren Web since 2017

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