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Mike Slater

I build a website based on what you want to achieve. No templates. No off-the-shelf design - I build a site in answer to your needs:

Kumari Rugs

Mike and Seren Web has been absolutely amazing to work with. Without Mike and Seren, Kumari Rugs would not have simple as that.
Raja Bhattacharya, Kumari Rugs, KY


A website built for you


Dave Woods What you get with Mike and Seren Web - real understanding of the true needs of a functioning website. No spoon feeding necessary. Just explain the thinking behind what you want your site to achieve, hand over your assets and give Mike the opportunity to make sure you're not missing any easy wins. Then ... Hey Pixelo! ... he'll create the answer to your needs.
Dave Woods, Group Creative Director, JWT LONDON

Any bespoke function

We write software. What this means to you is that if you want a very specific job to be performed by your website, we can build it. And it won't cost the "Earth" either because we write the code and license it to you forever:

3d Framing We were looking for a bespoke e-commerce site that could build picture frames online around customers own art work. This you have done with speed and great technical skill. We now have a website which has been custom built to our specification and well beyond, with your help and guidance. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a website that stands out, which also, as a bonus, has a very high search engine ranking - always in the top 10/15.
Ian Bev, 3dframing


We understand business

We have run our business for over 28 years. Our clients are business owners or creatives. So we understand what you need to do online:

Budapest Lets Our business marketing is web dependant and using Mike's services has already resulted in a 50% increase in business within 6 months of launching the new site. It has also given us a new level of confidence and ability in segregating and targeting our markets, something we were unable to do with our old site.
Gordon, Budapest Lets



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"seren" (noun): - star [ welsh ]
"myseren" (noun): - your star, the space you control
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